We fight to empower and protect immigrants

NJAIJ is the largest immigration coalition in the state, which may not sound impressive until you realize New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in the nation! Nearly one in four New Jerseyans is an immigrant, and following the 2020 Census, New Jersey's population is effectively half people of Color. These population trends are not new. New Jersey is and has always been a home to immigrants. Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty stand on our shores, but racial injustices are still deeply rooted in our state.

NJAIJ was founded by member organizations who understood that there was strength in numbers and fighting with a unified voice. NJAIJ membership comes together across labor, faith, policy, community-based, and grassroots organizations. Together, we harness the power and strength of our membership to position immigrants as leaders in campaigns that advance justice, inclusion, and belonging. Our membership reaches every corner of the state, representing hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans and their families.

It is through this broad-based movement that we hold policy and decision makers accountable. Our members fight to win a fair share of resources, access to services, and to promote strategies that keep communities whole, empowered, and active agents of civic and social change.