Our Mission

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice fights for policies that empower and protect immigrants. 

NJAIJ is the largest immigration coalition in the state, comprised of groups that span labor, faith, policy, community-based, and grassroots organizations. Together, we use the power and strength of our membership to position immigrants as leaders in campaigns that advance justice, inclusion, and belonging. It is through this broad-based movement that we hold policy and decision makers accountable to win our fair share of resources, access to services, and promote strategies that keep communities whole, empowered, and active agents of civic and social change.

Our Vision

We envision a New Jersey where every person, regardless of immigration status, is able to seek justice, inclusion, and belonging.

We envision a New Jersey where everyone has the resources and rights to protect and empower themselves.

Our Values

NJAIJ believes in the human right to migrate, regardless of citizenship or political status.

NJAIJ recognizes and fights against the inherent cruelties of mass incarceration and punitive immigration policies, including detention and deportation.

NJAIJ believes in affirming the rights and dignities of all people, regardless of gender identity, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, political beliefs, abilities, immigration status, or criminal record.

NJAIJ recognizes that a fight for immigrant justice is bound to the fight for racial justice and must be led primarily by Black, Brown, Native People, and other marginalized communities and communities of Color.

Our Work

As a member-based coalition, NJAIJ leads both movement building and advocacy campaigns. Our movement building work invests in organizers, advocates, and activists by providing tools, trainings, resources, and other supports so that every person feels empowered to lead change for their community. Our advocacy campaigns are centered at the intersections of racial, social, and economic justice to push forward transformative policy solutions. NJAIJ's advocacy priorities are derived from our membership to address historic and structural harms and advance justice and belonging for our communities.

By joining these two arms of our work together, NJAIJ is building an immigrant justice movement too powerful to ignore.

NJAIJ Movement Building

NJAIJ Advocacy Campaigns