The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice uses the power and strength of our member organizations to position immigrant communities are leaders in campaigns that advance justice, inclusion, and belonging. 

Members receive special access to events, training opportunities, advocacy tools, resource-building opportunities, and more. NJAIJ membership only open to organizations. Are you an individdual? We encourage you to find your political home with one of our outstanding members or join our rapid response network.

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NJAIJ Co-Chairs

Rania Mustafa, Coordinating Chair, Palestinian American Community Center

Charlene Walker, Strategy Chair, Faith in New Jersey

Jessica Culley, Personnel Chair, CATA Farmworkers Support Committee

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Membership FAQ

How does NJAIJ membership work?

Member organizations designate a lead volunteer, organizer, or staff to regularly attend NJAIJ meetings. It is through this involvement that we strategize on campaigns and discuss issues that are important to our communities. NJAIJ also serves as an information and resource network so members can bring important policy updates, Know Your Rights materials, and other information directly to the communities they work alongside. 

What kinds of organizations can become NJAIJ Members?

Membership is open to groups and organizations of all sizes – faith, labor, policy, volunteer clubs, grassroots or grasstops groups, and more. Groups do not need to be a 501(c)3 certified organization to participate in NJAIJ. 501(c)4 certified organizations may apply but must abide by NJAIJ’s 501(c)3 non partisan standards when within coalition settings.

How are decisions made at NJAIJ?

NJAIJ uses a consensus model for making decisions about our advocacy priorities and campaign strategy. We accomplish this through a combination of member meetings, community engagement, and listening tours.

At NJAIJ, we believe that true consensus arises from creating the right conditions of trust, openness, dedication, and shared vision. To become a member, organizations must share our coalition values and maintain good standing in order to engage in decision making. All active members in good standing contribute to our consensus process, with particular emphasis placed on our shared value of centering the voices of those most impacted by coalition decisions. Organizations are expected to maintain good standing in order to have context and understanding for any shared decisions that get made. 

Membership dues payment and/or founding roles or roles on the Executive Committee have no bearing on NJAIJ decision making. 

What is executive committee?

NJAIJ's Executive Committee is made up of organizations willing to volunteer additional time and resources to the coalition's operations and functions. This may include helping out with special events, fundraising, building networks, or mentoring other organizations. Executive chairs support NJAIJ's Executive Director and Staff through mentoring, resource and network development, fundraising, and coordination.

If your organization is interested in applying for Executive Committee, please contact Viri Martinez.

Does NJAIJ collect dues? How are dues used?

Rather than collecting annual membership dues, NJAIJ uses an equity approach in its use of membership collected funds. During annual membership renewal, we ask that organizations with operating budgets over certain amount commit a percentage of their budget to the NJAIJ Solidarity Fund.

Once collected, the Solidarity Fund is kept as a separate line item in NJAIJ’s organizational budget and is invested directly back into our membership to cover costs that may not otherwise be feasible for new, emergent, or grassroots groups.

The Solidarity Fund does not go toward NJAIJ staff salaries or NJAIJ general operating expenses. Solidarity Fund giving levels are not a reflection of weight or influence in coalition decision making. Only NJAIJ member organizations can apply to use the Solidarity Fund.

Apply for Membership (Organizations)