The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice Responds to End of TPS for Haitians

For Immediate Release

November 21, 2017

The administration has spent months threatening to end Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for our Haitian brothers and sisters while the community mobilized and pushed for legislation in support of extending this critical program. Yet again, the administration demonstrated their lack of respect for the human rights of our diverse communities or any regard to international humanitarian principles. What they have demonstrated is the ease with which they are able to break our communities and families apart with the stroke of a pen.  Ending TPS for our Haitian brothers and sisters signals DHS' refusal to acknowledge the environmental and infrastructural problems that continue to ail the island. It is also adds to the xenophobia and racism black immigrants face as they are more structurally targeted for detention and deportation. We will fight alongside them for dignity and respect. Congress must act immediately to ensure that families who have found refuge and stability in this country are not forced to go back to an island that is ill-suited for their return. The world is looking to the US to demonstrate what true leadership looks like. We can set an example for all or we can fail to uphold the standards we ask of others.