We’re putting every public meeting on the record in Newark 

NWK Documenters are the eyes and ears of our city. Rooted in civic journalism, NWK Documenters empower community members to take up space and raise a voice at public meetings in the City of Newark. NWK Documenters are trained and paid to be community watchdogs and document meetings across the city. We are a part of the larger Documenters Network, which has trained thousands of community members across 19 cities.

Our website provides a one-stop shop to find public meeting information and provide a record of past meeting notes that detail important discussions and decisions that impact the Newark community. When agencies aren’t doing their job to ensure transparency and access to information, NWK Documenters put pressure on them to do so. We fight for clear information on public websites and work against barriers to information. If you stand for speaking truth to power, join us.

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