A Notice to Appear notifies individuals to appear before an immigration judge on a certain date.

On the document will be the person’s name, address, phone number, Alien number (A number), and a file number. Make sure all information based on the person is correct and up to date.

Next part of the document, you will see allegations/ reasons for the Notice to Appear for example:

  • You are not a US citizen
  • You are a citizen of your home country
  • You entered the US on a particular date
  • Whether your entry was authorized or not and, if so, for how long
  • The reasons why you should be deported (criminal activity, overstay, etc.)
  • The specific statutory provisions that you are believed to have violated.


At the bottom of the Notice to Appear, it will cite the law or statue in which the person can be removed from the United States.

Things to remember if you receive a Notice to Appear:

  • Keep it in a safe place to avoid misplacing it
  • You will receive this document in person or mailed to you or your attorney, if you have an attorney on record with ICE.
  • Always keep a copy of any documents you sent to immigration Court for your personal records. 


Things to look for on a Notice to Appear:

  • Check near the bottom of the first page of the Notice to Appear is the address of the Immigration Court with the date and time. 
  • Once you have a Notice to Appear, call the Immigration Court's automated telephone information system, they will tell you about the date of your next hearing. (The phone number is 1.800.898.7180.) 


More information and resources:

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