NJAJ Launches "Resource Hub"

New Jersey Alliance For Immigrant Justice Launches New Digital “Resource Hub” 

NJAIJ Resource Hub will serve as a digital toolbox for activists, organizers, advocates, and community leaders building community power across the state.

Newark, NJ --  The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is excited to launch the NJAIJ Resource Hub, a new digital home for community members, advocates, activists, and organizations working towards a New Jersey for all. 

As communities all across New Jersey prepare to head to the polls in November, the NJAIJ Resource Hub serves not only as a civic engagement platform, but a home for sharing information, knowledge, and building community power for immigrants and communities of color. Resources include directories, guides, toolkits, and reports -- all sourced from NJAIJ, our members, and partners.

The NJAIJ Resource Hub has three sections:

Direct Community Resources” includes community services, hotlines, and Know Your Rights materials that help navigate the programs and services that protect our communities.

Advocacy Tools” includes directories to contact your representatives, workshops to enhance your activism, and other tools that empower you to be a fierce advocate for justice. Check out our Legislative District one-pagers that provide detailed breakdowns of the communities most impacted by decisions made in Trenton!

Organizing Resources” includes readings, workshops, and discussion guides from popular education to organizing resources for your community to build real power at home.

The NJAIJ Resource Hub would not be possible without our member organizations’ support, vision, and offerings, particularly the Palestinian American Community Center, the ACLU of New Jersey, the American Friends Service Committee - Immigrant Rights Program, CATA - The Farmworkers Support Committee, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, and Make the Road New Jersey. Our partners also contributed to this space including the National Immigration Law Center, Detention Watch Network, and Pancho Arguelles, with the Highlander Research and Education Center. 

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is a statewide coalition of 45 faith, labor, policy, community-based, and grassroots organizations that fight for policies that empower and protect immigrant New Jerseyans. 

The NJAIJ convenes the Fair and Welcoming - New Jersey For All - Platform, whose recent wins include the ban in ICE detention contracts, and includes policy priorities that future-proof the state against cruel and inhumane federal immigration enforcement by establishing clear separations between our state resources and ICE.