NJAIJ Responds To Trump Administration's Decision To End DACA

For generations of immigrants, America has been a beacon of hope, a chance of a new, bright life, far from the poverty, famine, and war in their homelands. They built this country through their hard work and the belief that in this country they were valued, respected, and had a future. Our history is peppered with their stories and accomplishments. They are the ones who made this country great. President Trump and his administration seems to have forgotten that in their relentless campaign to deny today’s young immigrants the same opportunities that allowed our ancestors to prosper.

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice vehemently opposes President Trump’s latest anti-immigration push to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a pivotal program that has helped thousands of immigrant youth. His decision to pass on the fate of young immigrants to congress is sad a day for our country and day that will always be remembered in history.  Now, nearly 800,000 young people will face six months of fear and agony with the possibility of deportation if DACA is terminated.   

It is now on to Congress to do what they have failed to do for over two decades, pass legislation that fixes the broken immigration system and addresses the needs of these young people and their families. Our community has been caught between political fights that have constantly failed to solve this problem. Today’s decision was another example of putting politics over the needs of our country. Congress must act immediately and it must act justly, not by deporting more of our families but by making sure the American Dream is truly attainable.

Trump’s short-sighted, narrow-minded immigration policies not only hurt immigrants, but all of us. Most of all, it contradicts the very principles that have established our country and made us that beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Despite this hateful rhetoric, our community is resilient and ready to protect our families from deportation. We will continue to fight for dignity and justice, and will make sure our legislators stand by the values of this great country.