New Jersey Alliance reacts to Circuit Court Decision on Injunction of President’s Immigration Actions

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Contact: Johanna Calle, NJAIJ Program Coordinator, 973-474-9850 (office) and 201-580-3060 (cell)

The United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to leave in place an injunction putting on hold the President’s Immigration Action jeopardizes the livelihoods of 204,000 immigrants living in New Jersey, according to the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, a coalition of the state’s faith, immigrant, community and labor groups.

The delay of these programs continues to put communities in danger of inhumane deportations and family separation. The President is on the right side of the law when issuing these actions, and this injunction will cause further unnecessary economic and social harm to our state. New Jersey’s economy and tax base greatly benefit from the contributions of immigrants, and the implementation of the President’s action would allow thousands of hard-working New Jerseyans to come out of the shadows and participate fully in their communities without fear of deportation.

"It's a sad day for immigrants who have long called America home,” said 32BJ member Cilia Ramirez.  “It's a sad day for the families of immigrants who must once again fear their loved ones could be taken from them at any moment and deported.  It's a sad day because the Appeal Court's decision to keep a temporary hold on President Obama's immigration program will mean more dreams deferred and opportunities lost for millions who have come here seeking a better life.  But justice delayed doesn't have to mean justice will ultimately be denied.  This is another temporary bump on the road to immigration reform.  And like millions of other Americans, I remain hopeful that the courts will one day stand on the right side of history and allow this sensible and humane immigration program to move forward."

Despite the significant benefits that the executive action would bring to New Jersey, Governor Christie has insisted on supporting this injunction for personal political gain while ignoring the needs of the thousands of innocent families affected by the delay.  The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice calls on the Governor to put families first and politics second.

While the process plays out in court, the Alliance will continue to prepare for the implementation of the President’s action. We urge our communities to avoid potential fraud by staying informed on the status of this case, as applications are not open yet.