NJAIJ Response to Teterboro Migrant Plane
The state’s largest immigrant rights coalition, along with other social and economic justice groups, respond to the Texas governor’s political stunt of transporting thousands of Texas migrants to major East Coast cities. 

Teterboro, NJ [September 20th, 2022]- Over the past few weeks, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bussed migrants and asylum seekers to multiple major East Coast cities, some of which include Philadelphia, New York City, and most recently rumored Teterboro, New Jersey. Migrants and those seeking asylum are individuals, children, and families fleeing danger and persecution and exercising their human and legal right to seek safety in the United States. This forced displacement only creates distance between migrants and access to housing, food, legal services, and more. The right to seek asylum through a legal process in American courts is guaranteed under U.S. and international law. We condemn the cruel press stunt that has forcibly separated migrants and asylees from their intended destinations, which has misled them about information related to their immigration cases. But as long as people come to New Jersey, we stand resolutely committed to welcoming them and providing the support they need. 

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice has been at the forefront of the state’s pushes for dignity and protections for the immigrant community, and as long as people come to New Jersey, the Alliance stands resolutely committed to welcoming them and providing the support they need. We condemn the cruelty of this tactic that results in displacement, family separation, and unnecessary trauma. While the arrival of migrants in North Jersey is still unconfirmed, our call for volunteers, case managers, attorneys, translators, and anyone else who could support in providing protection and safety was successful nonetheless, displaying New Jersey’s unwavering capacity for welcoming the migrant community. However, these communities still require more, and we call on state and federal governments to act now to demonstrate leadership and what it means to be a nation for all. Migration is a phenomenon that has sustained humanity for thousands of years. What this moment shows us is that federal border and immigration laws must abandon the punitive and xenophobic policies of the past. We look forward to working with government partners at all levels to ensure we live by our values and support migrating families in their greatest time of need. 


For more resources on how to support and uplift immigrants, visit www.njimmigrantjustice.org/resources