Hackensack Board of Education Passes Fair and Welcoming School Policy for School District

Hackensack Board of Education unanimously votes to limit cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement by adopting Fair and Welcoming school policy

In response to the Hackensack Board of Education’s unanimous vote in support of a district-wide policy protecting students and parents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Director of New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice (NJAIJ) and Hackensack Board of Education member, Johanna Calle, issued the following statement:

"This is a great step forward for the Hackensack community and its students where almost 40 percent of the community members are immigrants. Hackensack Board of Education adopting this Fair and Welcoming school policy will help foster community trust between local residents and community leaders. Immigrant youth will feel comfortable knowing that the school administration, staff, and leadership are committed to enhancing their educational experience and are not wasting precious time and resources working with ICE. This is especially important because ICE has been disregarding honoring sensitive locations like schools. Just last month, the Second Reformed Church of Highland Park saw two parishioners detained by ICE as they dropped their kids off to school. Unfortunately, practices like this, and those that violate people's constitutional rights to privacy and due process, are becoming more common under the Trump administration.  

“Immigrants’ rights advocates across the state applaud Hackensack for adopting a Fair and Welcoming school policy and encourage other districts to do the same by protecting immigrant youth and their families in their schools.”