Goals and Principles


The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice:

  • is anchored with base-building organizations and has at its core a commitment to empowerment and self-determination of immigrant communities;
  • is diverse and truly representative of NJ’s immigrant communities;
  • has buy-in and strong commitments from key players;
  • is synergistic, collaborative and strengths-based;
  • has the capacity to align organizations and move exciting local, statewide and federal agendas that
  • is committed to civic participation;
  • Leads results-oriented issue campaigns that yield concrete victories.


  • We work together to ensure that all members are familiar with and committed to our purpose, mission, vision and organizational values.
  • We have a shared analysis and understanding of our goals and objectives and the role of the alliance in a larger social change strategy.
  • We have a diverse group of people and organizations in the alliance that trust in each other and in the collective to build capacity and power.           
  • We collaborate to develop campaign strategies, tactics, and models that ensure the greatest participation of the alliance membership and that work best for our structure.
  • We have strong and consistent messaging.
  • Our leaders are strong and effectively encourage and build capacity to support other members to take leadership as well.
  • We create and maintain a culture of accountability.