In February 2023, CoreCivic, the world’s largest private prison corporation, filed a challenge to New Jersey’s ban on immigration detention agreements. In August 2021, New Jersey passed a law banning new agreements to detain immigrants for federal civil immigration violations. The law also banned renewals or expansions of existing agreements and the ability of local jails to be used for ICE detainers.

The campaign for the anti-detention bill to become law was led by formerly detained immigrants and the loved ones of those separated by immigrant detention and deportation. New Jersey became the first state on the East Coast with such a ban, and in its aftermath, the all three county-run detention centers independently ended their operations.

Elizabeth Detention Center, the state’s only private facility, had quietly extended their contract prior to the bill being signed in the summer of 2021. It is slated to end later this summer. As this date approaches, CoreCivic, the prison profiteer that operates the site, now claims the law is unconstitutional as they seek to renew their agreement.

By July of 2023, the Biden Administration had sided with CoreCivic, claiming the closure of the Elizabeth Detention Center would have "near catastrophic impact on ICE’s ability to meet its mission."

In coordination with our members, partners, and allies, join us at one of these August events to demand a defense of our detention ban and closure of the Elizabeth Detention Center.


CoreCivic's lawsuit is seeking an injunction that would prevent New Jersey from enforcing its ban when the Elizabeth Detention Center is set to expire. Oral arguments for the preliminary injunction is set for August 14th. Join us as we pack the courtroom and demonstrate outside the courthouse. It is possible the judge may issue a ruling on this day. Click the link above to sign up for roles or contact [email protected] for additional details.


Join us outside the Elizabeth Detention Center to mark the two year anniversary of the ban becoming law. We will call for the closure of the jail and the release of all people inside. Use the link above to sign up or contact [email protected] for additional details.


We will be gathering on the full moon to manifest an ICE-free New Jersey. Join us as we close out a month of protest in the healing space of community care and reflection.