Fair & Welcoming - New Jersey For All 

The NJAIJ Fair and Welcoming - New Jersey For All - Platform fights to “future-proof” New Jersey against cruel and inhumane federal immigration enforcement by establishing clear separations between our state resources and state agencies, and banning ICE detention contracts. 

The Fair and Welcoming Platform will:

  • Ban new ICE detention contracts including renewals or expansions. Achieved: On August 20th, 2021, New Jersey enacted bill S3361/A5207 to ban new ICE contracts!
  • Make schools, hospitals, and communities safer and make data more secure by updating confidentiality policies and restricting what can be shared with immigration authorities.
  • Closes law enforcement loopholes that entrap immigrant communities by strengthening the Immigrant Trust Directive and making it permanent.
  • Remove harmful terms like "alien" from state language so that laws affirm our right to belonging and inclusion

A fair and welcoming New Jersey must build trust in access and opportunity for all who call it home.


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Why New Jersey needs to act now: 

  • The Immigrant Trust Directive (ITD) is a temporary, limited solution that includes gaping loopholes, leading to continued cooperation with immigration enforcement agencies. From March 2019 - December 2019 alone, NJ's correctional facilities and local police departments cooperated with ICE over 1,700 times.
  • New Jersey must include and honor the dignity of all its residents. New Jersey is home to 2,033,292 immigrants. 
  • When communities are unsafe for immigrants, they are more prone to emergencies, crises, and accidents.  
  • Arrest, detention, and deportation of family breadwinners lead to eviction, illness, and crises. 
  • NJ detention centers mirror ICE's nationwide atrocities -- by failing to provide medical care and basic living conditions, violating the basic human rights and dignity of people held inside, and retaliation through transfer and deportation.

Learn about the Values Act to strengthen and codify the Immigrant Trust Directive. 

NJAIJ is a statewide coalition of 45 member organizations, representing 150,000 people, that creates and achieves policies that support New Jersey's immigrants. We uphold the human, civil, and labor rights of all immigrants, whether documented or seeking status, and prioritize keeping families together.