The Tuition Equality Act, better known as the New Jersey Dream Act, was signed into law in 2013, extending in-state tuition benefits to undocumented students who attend and graduate high school in New Jersey. Still, undocumented students in New Jersey are face significant barriers to accessing higher education due to the skyrocketing cost of college tuition and their statutory ineligibility for federal and state aid. New Jersey Policy Perspective’s report indicates that “allowing undocumented students to apply for state financial aid like Tuition Aid Grants (TAG), as eight other states do, would make a college education a real possibility for more [immigrant] students, boosting their prospects for a prosperous future New Jersey would benefit from more of these kids attending college and giving back to the state they have come to call home”.

NJAIJ encourages New Jersey to pass legislation that will allow undocumented students to apply for state financial aid and institutional aid to have a real chance at higher education and a future that will benefit our state.