Study Shows New Jersey Immigrants Lead With The Highest Workforce Impact In The Nation

Source: WalletHub

New Jersey is a leading state in benefiting from the economic impact of immigrants, including undocumented immigrants and can increase that impact by expanding access to drivers licenses to all.

NEW JERSEY--  New Jersey is one of the top three states in the nation benefiting from the positive economic impact of immigrants as concluded in the findings of a new study, “Economic Impact of Immigration by State” conducted by WalletHub. Following California and New York, New Jersey places in the top three in the ranking among 50 states and D.C. New Jersey has the highest workforce impact from immigrants than any other state which includes factors of jobs generated by immigrant-owned businesses and the total share of immigrants in the workforce.

Immigrants of all background are an immense value to the Garden State, which has the third highest percentage of foreign-born residents in the nation. Experts continue to find evidence of how immigrants make long-lasting contributions to our society and economy.

This study is another drop in the ocean of evidence showing how welcoming immigrants into our nation benefits everyone. New Jersey can increase this positive impact by creating policies that allow all residents regardless of immigration status to fully contribute to our society, including by expanding access to drivers licenses to more residents, regardless of immigration status.

“Overwhelming, the research has always shown immigrants making a positive impact to our state’s economy. New Jersey has a vested interest in welcoming immigrants to stay in the state, including undocumented immigrants who alone contribute upwards of $500 million in taxes every year,” said Erika Nava, Policy Analyst with New Jersey Policy Perspective. “Our state leaders can continue to make strides in allowing immigrants to make a positive impact by expanding access to drivers licenses to all residents who can prove their identity, residency, and pass the driving test.