DOJ Joining Lawsuit Over New Jersey’s Immigrant Trust Directive

New Jersey Alliance For Immigrant Justice Responds to DOJ Joining Lawsuit Over New Jersey’s Immigrant Trust Directive 

NEW JERSEY -- January 27th, 2020-- In response to news of the Department of Justice (DOJ) joining a lawsuit against the New Jersey Attorney General over the Immigrant Trust Directive, Johanna Calle, director of New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice released the following statement,

“As the federal attacks on immigrants and immigrant families escalate, state and localities are drawing a clear distinction between federal immigration enforcement and local law enforcement like New Jersey has done with the Immigrant Trust directive. The Directive is helping local law enforcement work with immigrant communities. It allows police officers to focus on solving crimes in their jurisdiction rather than on an individual’s immigration status. Across the nation, data shows localities with similar trust policies have lower rates of crime.

“The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice and its member organizations continue to stand in support of New Jersey’s Immigrant Trust Directive. The Directive is especially important for victims and witnesses of crimes, who may be afraid to come forward due to fear of immigration consequences. This directive builds trust with immigrant communities by sending a strong message: regardless of your immigration status, you can seek help from your local law enforcement agency in New Jersey.