Core Campaigns

Fair and Welcoming Campaign

The NJAIJ Fair and Welcoming Platform fights to “future-proof” New Jersey against cruel and inhumane federal immigration enforcement by establishing clear separations between our state resources and state agencies, and banning ICE detention contracts. 

The Fair and Welcoming Platform includes:

  • S3361/A5207 which bans future ICE detention contracts WON!: On August 20th, 2021, New Jersey enacted bill S3361/A5207 to ban new ICE contracts!
  • A6222/S4289 (Values Act) which provides crucial protections at State agencies so immigrants can access services and programs without fear of arrest or deportation

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Let's Drive NJ Campaign

A nearly 20 year effort, finally saw major progress with the passage of A4743 in December 2019. The Let’s Drive NJ campaign, convened by NJAIJ, brought in close to 90 organizations that endorsed the legislative effort.

This was a major win for our communities, and it is now up to us to make sure every New Jerseyan who qualifies has the right information and is ready to apply for a driver’s license. 

The implementation phase of this type of legislation has been a heavy lift in many states. NJAIJ continues to coordinate this campaign by ensuring communities are able to provide direct feedback to the Motor Vehicle Commission, the Governor’s office, and any other agencies involved in the implementation. NJAIJ also continues to support the campaign by promoting educational materials so new and prospective drivers know their rights are are able to assert them. 

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Support Campaigns

Racial Equity in Redistricting 

As part of our mission to empower and protect immigrant communities, NJAIJ is a proud member of the Fair Districts coalition and fights for racial equity in the congressional and legislative redistricting process. NJAIJ believes that having your district fairly represent your community is essential for ensuring every community gets the representation and resources they deserve.

In the 2020 Census, New Jersey successfully maintained it's congressional representation in Washington D.C. The state's population growth was 100% due to communities of color, yet these numbers have yet to be reflected in elected representatives or in policy priorities at the state and federal level.

NJAIJ joins this space to fight for racial equity maps that are drawn based on input from racial justice advocates, community stakeholders, and everyday people who have a vision for a fair, equitable, and just future. 

Recovery For All Campaign 

By the time the next State budget passes, it will be over two years since immigrant New Jerseyans were excluded from federal pandemic relief. Immigrant and other excluded New Jerseyans have had to make impossible choices between putting food on the table, accruing debts, and providing for their families at a time when health, housing, and other social safety nets have continued to fail them.

NJAIJ is a proud supporter of the Recovery For All Campaign which won the first-of-its-kind Excluded New Jerseyans Fund, a program that provides one time relief to eligible households. However, the initial $40 million allocated to the program will serve less than 10 percent of those individuals and families that are in need of aid. Furthermore, the one-time payments of $2,000-4,000 per household is insufficient to make up for a year of job loss, increased expenses due to illness, and other COVID-19 related hardships that have disproportionately impacted immigrants and communities of Color.

We support this coalition, alongside Make the Road New Jersey, to call for a $1 billion investment in the program using American Rescue Plan dollars, which include provisions for “a cash transfer program… [to] focus on unemployed workers or low- and moderate-income families, which have faced disproportionate economic harms due to the pandemic.”

Cover All Kids Campaign

Low-income immigrant families face significant barriers to accessing health care. Federal law bars undocumented immigrants from public health insurance programs, and even lawful permanent residents are statutorily prohibited from obtaining Medicaid for their first five years of residence in the U.S. Other states such as New York, California, and Illinois have provided expanded access or outright state coverage to lawful permanent residents, but New Jersey has lagged behind in extending benefits to all greencard holders.

NJAIJ believes that healthcare is a right. In our quest for healthcare coverage for all, we support the Cover all Kids campaign, led by the New Jersey For Healthcare Coalition, including NJ Citizen Action and New Jersey Policy Perspective.