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The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice works towards policies that support the dignity, and human and civil rights of immigrants.

By taking action and spreading the word you are joining the movement to achieve a more just and equitable New Jersey for immigrant communities. Use the links below to take action and support our campaigns!

Tell your representatives to take a position on Fair and Welcoming state policies

Where do the legislators representing you stand on Fair and Welcoming state policies? Do they support future-proofing New Jersey from cruel and inhuman federal immigration enforcement to create trust in access and opportunities for all immigrants regardless of status? Do they stand for closing state agencies' loopholes to federal immigration enforcement that entraps immigrants and separates families right here in our own communities?

Activate your legislators to take a stand on fair and welcoming state policies that create a New Jersey for All. Start by writing an email message to those who represent you.  



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, thousands in New Jersey's county jails and detention facilities are at a heightened risk of coronavirus exposure with no capacity to socially distance within the jails. Elizabeth Detention Center is a private ICE detention center run by CoreCive in Elizabeth, NJ where detainees have joined a class-action lawsuit for the release of all people detained due to lack of health and safety measures taken to protect the people in the facility. Take action here.


A Just Recovery for All

We are demanding a just recovery that includes all immigrants. Throughout the pandemic of Covid-19, immigrants have been deliberately excluded from disaster relief. Immigrants are essential workers who are helping to flatten the Coronavirus curve by caring for the sick as health care professionals and by helping to ensure we have access to life’s necessities as food service, grocery store, agricultural and warehouse workers. Tell your representatives that all pandemic relief must include immigrants in order to ensure a successful recovery for all. Take action here.


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