The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is a statewide membership-based coalition that creates and achieves policies in New Jersey that welcome and support immigrants to become rooted economically, politically and socially within the state. NJAIJ will use the power and strength of its member organizations to ensure that New Jersey’s immigrant communities are leaders in the development of policies that impact their lives and the lives of all New Jersey residents. Through the work of NJAIJ and its members, New Jersey will ensure access to services, support family unity, and develop policies and strategies that provide opportunities for immigrants to fully participate in civic life. The human, civil and labor rights of New Jersey’s immigrants, both documented and those seeking status, will be protected.

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice recognizes the right to human mobility, the root causes of migration and the equality of all human beings.  The Alliance works towards policies that support the dignity and human and civil rights of immigrants.  

Goals and Principles


The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice:

  • is anchored with base-building organizations and has at its core a commitment to empowerment and self-determination of immigrant communities;
  • is diverse and truly representative of NJ’s immigrant communities;
  • has buy-in and strong commitments from key players;
  • is synergistic, collaborative and strengths-based;
  • has the capacity to align organizations and move exciting local, statewide and federal agendas that
  • is committed to civic participation;
  • Leads results-oriented issue campaigns that yield concrete victories.


  • We work together to ensure that all members are familiar with and committed to our purpose, mission, vision and organizational values.
  • We have a shared analysis and understanding of our goals and objectives and the role of the alliance in a larger social change strategy.
  • We have a diverse group of people and organizations in the alliance that trust in each other and in the collective to build capacity and power.           
  • We collaborate to develop campaign strategies, tactics, and models that ensure the greatest participation of the alliance membership and that work best for our structure.
  • We have strong and consistent messaging.
  • Our leaders are strong and effectively encourage and build capacity to support other members to take leadership as well.
  • We create and maintain a culture of accountability.